Chainsaw safety training

New recruits Peggy and Rory recently attended a 1-day chainsaw safety course hosted by the NS Department of Natural Resources in Chaswood, NS. Here are Rory’s impressions on the course:

Chainsaw Training - Rory

“With my background as a Children’s Librarian, I had very little knowledge of chainsaw use and safety prior to attending this course. I guess it just never came up at librarian school… or maybe I missed that class? Either way, I was at once very excited and incredibly nervous to learn how to properly handle chainsaws.

One of the best things about this particular course was that prior knowledge was not a necessity, and this was reflected in the unusual composition of the attendees, which consisted of artists, surveyors, clear-cutting protesters, fledgling arborists (us!), farmers and retired veterans. While some people had previous experience with chainsaws, others were completely uninitiated. Rather than detracting from the course, this how does cialis cost odd mix of characters helped to add to the learning experience as people were encouraged to share their knowledge and tips from their different perspectives.

The instructor (Patrick Allen) was excellent – he was accessible and knowledgeable, and he had extensive experience in both forestry and arboriculture (plus he was quite funny to boot!). He spent a good deal of time going through the proper chainsaw safety equipment, and he gave a thorough overview of the inner workings and safety features of the chainsaw itself. In fact, the entire morning was dedicated to this, and Patrick welcomed questions and comments from the group throughout. Following the classroom session, we broke up for a hearty, locally-produced lunch which was included in the price of the course, and then we trudged out to the woodlot to see some live demonstrations of felling, limbing and bucking techniques. Patrick even coached a few attendees through felling/limbing trees on their own (this option was only available to those people that had brought their own PPE and chainsaws).

At the end of the day, everyone came away with a much better sense of how to operate a chainsaw safely and effectively, and we were even encouraged to keep the textbook (The forest professional: Guidelines for the stewards of tomorrow’s forests, 5th ed.) which had been mailed to us prior to the course. For me, the course was a great introduction to chainsaw

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use, and I believe the knowledge I gained will continue to be useful in both my professional and private life for many years to come.”

Chainsaw Training - Peggy

If you are looking to take a course with the DNR yourself, you can contact Simon Mutabazi at