Introducing this year’s crew

Introducing this year’s crew

Brendan Allison

Our team is taking shape this year! Between now and Christmas you’ll be sure to encounter Brendan Allison. Brendan, who’s originally from St. John’s, is taking a break his from studies at Mount Allison to work with a different kind of “higher education” at Woodpecker Tree Care. He has varied outdoor experience tree planting in BC, guiding youths on canoe trips and vegetable farming. Word has it that he has a knack for raising others’ spirits with a smile or a joke when the day starts feeling long.


Becky Aurell

Back for a second year is Becky Aurell who even in junior high was earning a reputation as a hard worker in haying and vegetable farming for among

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others Nature’s Route Farm. An accomplished horsewoman, she spent the winter travelling In Australia and New Zealand where she gained valuable experience working with professional horse-training. An aspiring tree-climber, she’ll help us out with larger jobs when she’s not busy kayak guiding in Nova Scotia.


Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson has been passionate about trees ever since spending summers building forest trails with High School friends in Cape Breton. After taking a few forestry courses at UNB he embarked on a path of studies and work in geology, and a career as an Environmental Health Inspector in Sweden. His major pastimes there, pruning fruit trees and rock climbing, served him well upon his return to the Maritimes in 2001, where he has worked as a professional arborist, becoming ISA Certified in 2002. In his words, “Helping customers create the outdoor spaces they’ve been dreaming of is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done. It’s hard work, but I get to do what I really enjoy doing,

with the added pleasure of working closely with customers, other professionals and a variety of employees over the years.”


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  1. Janet Hammock

    Kevin has been our arborist for about as long as he has been professionally doing this work in Sackville. He is exceptional. Whatever you need to know as you seek to learn more about your trees, he is able to explain with clarity and often with humour!

    I remember one evening when he took me around Sackville in his truck to show me several good examples of trees like mine — trees that had received the proper pruning care over many years. He pointed out what was good about the way these trees had been cared for. It was a real education for me, and helped me to understand the approach he was recommending for our trees. My relationship with my ash tree — due to Kevin`s really ìntroducing`me to my tree — has deepened and become quite thrilling over the past years.

    We are always impressed with the people he has working with him. The expert training they receive from him is quite easy to see as you watch them work together. Becky Aurell was a terrific addition to his team and I am sure Brendan will be, too. Like a good parent, he teaches and practices so that everyone on his team who is working with trees is doing so with a minimum of risk.

    Kevin`s relationship with trees as well as with his clients, is passionate, loving, respectful, practical and businesslike.

    Great website, too! Congratulations, and thanks to Sue Rose`s superb artistic design, it`s super-easy to use.