Expert Tree Removals

Urban tree removal is a high-risk endeavour. Obstacles such as homes, driveways, wires and landscape features can easily be damaged, and traffic and onlookers are a constant concern: there is no room for half-measures or poor judgement.  Backed by years of experience and regular continuing education, we take pride in working with professional safety and efficiency. At Woodpecker Tree Care, everyone’s safety and peace of mind is of top priority.

As the Preservation Specialist you can trust that we’ll discuss options other than removal to make a tree work well in your landscape. We regularly talk ourselves out of the income hasty removals could bring! That being said, if a tree isn’t working well in the landscape, or if it poses risks the owner isn’t willing to accept, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

Many competitors whose skills are limited to cutting down trees will take the opposite approach, playing on a customer’s fears to make a quick sale. If their price is too good to be true, there’s probably a reason. Any outfit working without hard-hats or insurance is cutting corners – see “how to hire an arborist” for more information.

Many home-owners choose to hold costs down by taking care of cleanup and wood disposal themselves – ask us about this money-saving option. Or have us do a top-notch cleanup including turf repair. It may cost a little more, but your comfort and peace of mind is worth it.

Get the job done professionally –  CONTACT US about Expert Tree Removals.