Large Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Well-grown mature trees need pruning primarily to keep them healthy and safe by removing dead, damaged, diseased or weakly attached branches. We are the experts at this and at providing good clearance to ground, wires, homes etc, maximizing the beauty, function and value of mature trees in your landscape.

Safely secured, our experienced climbers can work through the entire canopy, working more efficiently and with much lower impact than is possible with a boom truck. Inspection of the tree as we work can identify defects – risks associated with many defects can be reduced by pruning. Should more serious defects be found, we can help you decide whether to reduce risk of failure by cabling or bracing the tree, or whether complete removal is advisable.

Have your large trees pruned to:

reduce risk of failure
provide clearance
reduce shade and wind resistance
maintain health
improve flower or fruit production
improve a view
improve aesthetics

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