Large Tree Removal at SGCI

Many elms in Sackville are succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease. While we view our job as “growing trees”, we have the skills to, when necessary, remove large trees safely and efficiently. The nineteenth century elms on this heritage property across from Mt. Allison’s swan pond all died over the short period of five years. Heavy wood over the porch had to be carefully lowered to the ground using specialized skills and equipment. There was a surprise waiting hidden in the base of the tree. An earlier generation of arborists (they would have called themselves tree-surgeons) had years ago actually filled a large cavity with bricks and mortar. Nowadays the work arborists do is science based – some treatments like cavity filling have been proven ineffective, and have become as outmoded as the term tree-surgeon. The father of modern arboriculture, Dr. Alex Shigo (1930-2006), put the efficacy of cavity-filling how does cialis lower blood pressure and many other treatments to the test through objective testing. Some we have abandoned. Others, like natural-target-pruning and cabling and bracing we have retained, and improved. Modern arborists are working at a truly fascinating and interesting intersection of tradition, science, art and extreme sport.