There are work orders, and then there are work orders

And this is my all-time favorite work order, actually unedited and unadorned. Enjoy.

Hi Kevin!


Linden has GRRRRRROWN this summer and I think we need to lop off a few of her branches that will be knocking on

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our roof in the winter saying “Hey, I’m cold! Lemme in!!” As well, her friend the cialis vs viagra reviews

Elderly Crab is starting to crab away saying “Well, if Linden gets a trim, I want one, too!” They are not happy, and the house is eyeing them nervously. The roof is especially concerned, not to mention the drainpipe and gutters

which are muttering bitterly among themselves of late.


Then up by the studio balcony we have a vicious battle brewing. Stately Evergreen and Graceful Oak are duking it out in their attempts to outdo each other and take over my balcony. I gave generic cialis

Stately Evergreen a little trim the other day and she seemed satisfied until she realized that the branches of Graceful Oak are, as she puts it: “Impinging on cialis cost

my space!” and — indeed, Graceful Oak is leaning on her and getting all mixed up in her needles! Graceful Oak says she’s had enough of that pushy spruce and she wants to be left alone and not leaned on any more.


Can you help us sort out our darlin’s?