Large Tree Preservation

This Cottonwood was big and it was total mess, having sustained severe ice-damage throughout the entire crown. The owner, quite reasonably, was considering having it removed. For a tree that has been around much longer than anyone present and which has the potential to outlive us all, I believe we have a duty of care. By that I don’t mean a knee-jerk approach where all trees should be preserved at all costs. All I mean is that we can slow things down just a bit and, out of respect for a living being in our care, we can take a bit of time to think, to reason. Can the very valid concerns of the property owner be addressed without resorting to removal?
We asked some questions:
• How valuable is the tree in the landscape?
• Does the tree enhance property values, or the values of the business being run from this property?
• Has it lost all esthetic value in the short- or long-term?
• What kinds of risks does it pose? Will only small branches come off in future ice-storms, or are there defects that generic cialis reviews might lead to major limb-loss, or whole-tree failure?
• For the kinds of failure that can reasonably be expected, what would the consequences be? Is growing close to power lines, parking, buildings? Do people spend a lot of time near the tree?
• What is the cost of restoring the damaged tree? What future maintenance might be needed, at what cost? What is the cost of whole-tree removal?

After discussing this with the owner we decided on restoration. I spent a challenging six hours climbing, and the owner retained the both tree and the opportunity to continue enjoying all the benefits it brings to the property.

What do the economics of this particular preservation decision look like? Several hundred dollars for restoration compared to well over a thousand for removal. Is this good business for Woodpecker Tree Care? In the short term the answer might be a resounding “no”. I do know that many competitors might have argued for immediate removal and pocketed the profits. However, knee-jerk decisions about removal are as misguided and unethical as knee-jerk decisions about preservation. My business model is to slow down a bit, think, and in discussion with the owner decide on

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the best course of action. I hope to be involved in that kind of dialogue for many years to come.