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Evaluating Storm Damaged Trees

Posted by on Mar 22, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on Evaluating Storm Damaged Trees

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A Day in the Trees

Posted by on Mar 21, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on A Day in the Trees

Our friends at Tree Masters in Stockholm have produced this fabulous video, truly capturing the “feel” of a day of tree work, and a sense of the passion and dedication for trees we feel as arborists. In this beautiful little short film climbing arborist Elinor Aresund demonstrates the advanced skills and knowledge the climbing arborist uses to properly care for trees. Granted, there’s times a bucket is warranted, but it’s hard to ever achieve the same quality a climbing arborist achieves, quietly, efficiently....

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Tree Grafting and Espalier at Corn Hill Nursery

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Blog, Recent Project | Comments Off on Tree Grafting and Espalier at Corn Hill Nursery

Tree Grafting and Espalier at Corn Hill Nursery

We had a fantastic time learning about tree grafting and the art of espalier back in the spring.                       Bob Osbourne, co-owner of Corn Hill Nursery, is renowned around the Maritimes as a horticultural expert and all-around nice guy.  Thanks for showing us around,...

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Chainsaw safety training

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Chainsaw safety training

New recruits Peggy and Rory recently attended a 1-day chainsaw safety course hosted by the NS Department of Natural Resources in Chaswood, NS. Here are Rory’s impressions on the course: “With my background as a Children’s Librarian, I had very little knowledge of chainsaw use and safety prior to attending this course. I guess it just never came up at librarian school… or maybe I missed that class? Either way, I was at once very excited and incredibly nervous to learn how to properly handle chainsaws. One of the best...

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Supporting social enterprise

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Supporting social enterprise

Open Sky Co-operative provides home, vocational assistance and a caring community for adults who require supports to improve their quality of life. They are a charitable co-operative social enterprise, made up of many different people and organizations. Woodpecker Tree Care has been supporting Open Sky for a number of years by donating wood mulch for use in their greenhouse and field operations. The mulch, a byproduct of tree-trimming and removals, is used for weed control and soil improvement. It’s a pleasure for us to be a small part...

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Storm Response Update – July 8

Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Storm Response Update – July 8

Please be patient If you are phoning or emailing and not getting through right away. We’re answering all calls on a priority basis, and have all staff out on the most acute jobs. We hope to return all calls by the end of the week to schedule site-visits and get to the last of the cleanup...

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Cumberland Home Show May 2-4

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Cumberland Home Show May 2-4

We’re going to the home show, and are very excited viagra cialis …http://onlinepharmacy-kamagra.com/cheap-generic-cenforce.html …cialis and grapefruit …levitra …does viagra help with premature ejaculation …generic viagra …cheap generic light pack …cialis bodybuilding about this opportunity to meet lot’s of people. We’ll have a few of the tools of our trade there, including Stihl’s largest and smallest saws in production! Also a few items for sale, like a good pruning saw and...

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Maritime Neighbours

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Maritime Neighbours

I love the Maritimes! Yesterday we had a visit from local organic farmers Shannon and Bryan from Broadfork Farm in River Hebert. They’re mentoring us in the intricacies of social media, and we hope to return ordering online viagrabuy generic cialis online ukmedications from canadian pharmacyviagracialis super active tadalafil 20mg the favour by doing some grafting for them this spring to preserve the best of their unique apple varieties. I’m sure this kind of an exchange can happen anywhere, but around here being neighbourly just...

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That Little Extra

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on That Little Extra

This was quite a straightforward removal of two dead spruce from a windbreak by a cottage in Truemanville. There was a small lilac in the way, an unavoidable casualty of the job…or was it? After a bit of head scratching cialis 20mg we pulled the lilac branches out of harm’s way with a climbing line (blue in the pictures). However, the falling tree trunk would probably crush the base of the lilac…what to do? Cutting the felling notch high on the tree keeps it from hitting the lilac. Putting a wide angle in the notch keeps the...

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HELP WANTED x 2 – Info on Big Tree Registries

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on HELP WANTED x 2 – Info on Big Tree Registries

The other day I mentioned David Folster’s book titled “The Great Trees of New Brunswick” (Canadian Forestry buy cialis 20 mg onlinehttp://viagra24pharmacy-online.com/generic cialiscanada pharmacycanadian pharmacies viagra Assoc. of New Brunswick, 1987). cialis Does anyone have a copy I could borrow or buy? As well, two other registries of unique Maritime trees have turned up. One is the Big Trees Project from cialis for a 20 year old NS, the other the P.E.I. Great Big Tree Challenge which seems to have been sponsored by a...

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