Mulching Hither and Yon


We’ve been donating wood chips for mulching gardens and paths at the Sackville Community Garden for several years now. This amazingly successful project had brought together people with an interest in growing food and flowers. Many are students or renters who don’t have access to their own plot of land. Others just enjoy the social aspect of gardening together with like-minded enthusiasts who can share seeds, produce, ideas and experience.We’re happy to be able to contribute in a small way to this hands-on example of social activism.

Two new community gardens are getting started this year in Amherst and Springhill. It’s satisfying that wood chips, a bi-product of our operations, are being used in these gardens.

We’re also donating chips to Open Sky Cooperative based in Middle Sackville. Open Sky is providing horticultural and agricultural experience, and other forms of care for community members who might not otherwise find the supports they need in developing life-skills. With greenhouses and fields being established on long-fallow land, the mulch is an important component of weed control and soil improvement.

Kudos to the founders of the coop, Norm and Laura Hunter, Margaret and Eric Tusz-King, Melody Petlock and Robert Lapp. Contact Open Sky at 536-4565 for a tour of the farm, or to buy fresh eggs, produce or poultry.