Woodpecker Tree Care serves trees all across the Maritime provinces. The team works with a variety of small businesses and tradespeople, from Fredericton, NB, to Springhill, NS. Here are some of the Maritime businesses Woodpecker relies on to keep trees happy and healthy:

  • Acadian Printing: This small print shop in Amherst, NS, takes care of Woodpecker Tree Care’s promotional materials such as business cards, signs, and refrigerator magnets. The owner is also an avid gardener, and we are happy to take care of his trees.
  • Anointment Natural Skin Care: Woodpecker Tree Care is grateful for owner of this small business (April MacKinnon), because she taught us how to send packages without breaking the bank. We also have her beautiful soaps in our office, and she hires us to take care of her trees.
  • Asplundh Tree Expert Company: Woodpecker Tree Care will occasionally sub-contract these professionals from Dartmouth for bigger jobs that involve maneuvering around power lines. The two companies have even shared a teammate (Beck Aurell).
  • Athol Forestry Co-op: This Amherst co-op helps answer questions about tree care whenever the Woodpecker tree Care team is looking for advice. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge that is very valuable to fellow arborists (among others).
  • Community Machinery: These Sackville, NB engineers assist with building and repairing well-loved tools. Dan Hartman has been particularly helpful when it comes to fixing vital equipment, and Woodpecker Tree Care is grateful for his expertise.
  • Hanna’s Tree Service: Sometimes Woodpecker Tree Care needs help with a job. When it comes to dealing with power lines, the team will call in these experts from Miramichi. The Hanna’s team will clear trees away from the lines safely and efficiently.
  • Haylock Truck & Trailer: When bigger trucks need work, this is where Woodpecker Tree Care drops them off. Conveniently located in Aulac, NB, trucks can be dropped off and picked up easily whether work is being done in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia.
  • Larry Hunter Sign Design: The beautiful signs [and vehicle decals] are designed by Larry Hunter, including the trademark woodpecker featured on all Woodpecker Tree Care vehicles. Hunter’s small business is set up in Springhill, NS.
  • McIsaac Darragh Chartered Accountants: All of Woodpecker Tree Care’s accounting is taken care of at this small Amherst-based firm. Susan McIsaac loves small businesses and has been our consultant for many years.
  • Phil’s Auto Body: This multi-generational auto repair shop in Maccan, NS, keeps our trucks looking good with regular paint jobs. Peter Brown gets special mention for his maintenance work on old equipment, which keeps operations running smoothly.
  • Rob Lyon Graphics: The blue polos, sometimes seen on the back of a team member halfway up a tree, were screen printed by Sackvillian Rob Lyon. Lyon does his graphic design and printing work from his brand-new studio in Middle Sackville.
  • Rodney Lucci: Woodpecker Tree Care values Rodney’s exceptional knowledge of mechanics. Lucci (located in Baie Verte) is known for his adept ability to figure out and fix nearly any machine that’s put in front of him. He has saved plenty of our tools from the junk pile.
  • S. Hall Tire, Muffler & Auto Repair Centre: This Sackville repair shop does all of the work on our smaller trucks. Scott goes out of his way to help out, and sometimes drives out to Amherst if the crew needs help while on a Nova Scotia job.
  • Sue Rose | Artist, Writer, and Graphic Designer: Sue is the artistic genius behind the Woodpecker Tree Care and Maritime Elm Protection Initiative logos. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with this multi-talented Sackvillian, whose insight always takes design to the next level.