Greg Newton

  • Part-Time Groundie
  • Compost & Soil Wizard
Greg Newton

Greg joined the Woodpeckers on a part-time basis in 2023, and we are so happy to have him on the team. Greg is passionate about all things compost, and brings with him extensive soil knowledge and tools for assessing its health and compaction.

While originally from Ontario, Greg’s life has taken him all over the globe. He and his partner Leah settled in Sackville with their cat, Mack, and Greg enjoys making music and nutritious compost in their backyard.

Greg is an enthusiastic learner and asks fabulous questions, and is learning pruning and chipper basics on the job. He also takes care of the Woodpecker trucks on the weekends, and keeps them clean of sawdust and mud (thank you, Greg).

You will likely see Greg during planting seasons, and on the ground about town helping with brush and rigging.