Emerald Ash Borer protection

The emerald ash borer has made its way to New Brunswick, destroying beloved ash trees in the process. Female emerald ash borers will lay their eggs in ash bark, so that when the larvae emerge they have plenty of tree to chew on. While this works well for them, it wreaks havoc on North American ash trees.

A close up of an emerald ash borer and a size comparison where the borer is on top of a penny.
The emerald ash borer looks pretty, but it’s very destructive.

After a client called us wondering how they might protect a valuable tree, we looked into how we might defend ashes against these pests. So we looked into TreeAzin, a pesticide manufacturer and distributed by BioForest in Ontario. According to our research, TreeAzin has minimal impact on the environment and has a promising rate of protection against the emerald ash borer.

A Swedish Whitebeam trunk with a hole in it made by emerald ash borer larvae.
This Swedish Whitebeam was taken out by borers.

We are currently discussing TreeAzin with BioForest, and are curious if any other clients are interested in protecting their ash trees with TreeAzin. If you are, or have any questions, give us a call and we can help get you some answers.