Large Tree Maintenance

Look at the form of these magnificent online cialis elms! This job involved removing a heavy broken limb from over the driveway. While working in the tree to do that job we discovered a major defect in another heavy limb over the road. A stitch in time saves nine.

Working on living elms is a fantastic experience. With Dutch Elm Disease (DED) so rampant in the area, a lot of our work is removing dead elms. It’s demanding, and satisfying work, but at the end of the day you’re left with nothing but a stump. The feeling of working in a live elm, on the other hand, is very hard to describe; moving through the canopy of these stately trees growing high above homes, above whole towns is amazing.

Because DED is so contagious, the knowledgeable and responsible arborist will take precautions. All our equipment is carefully sterilized to prevent introducing the fungus into the healthy tree. We also schedule this type of work for the dormant season. The most common means of DED infection is when the fungus is carried from tree to tree on the backs (or tummy or legs…) of theonline cialis elm bark beetle. These guys can smell a meal of elm from a long way away, and come running for dinner. Well, they come flying, but

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they do come, following the smell of elm released into the winds from any fresh pruning cuts. If this sounds improbable, simply recall any time you drove by a bakery or steakhouse. Pruning elms while the insects are dormant means we can reduce the risk of attracting the beetles to healthy trees. There is one exception to online cialis this dormant season rule for pruning. When safety concerns are too acute to wait, we have to remove the dangers regardless of the season.