What Our Clients Say

We’re really pleased with the job done here.   –  James Fury

Many thanks for a good job!  –  Bob Caldwell

Our lovely maple tree dominates our tiny backyard.  It was growing too close to the house and beginning to shade our neighbor’s garden.  Kevin listened carefully to us and to our neighbor, to assess what all of our needs were, and then he skilfully and thoughtfully applied structural pruning to our tree.  We are happy,our neighbor is happy, and the tree certainly seems happy.  It was fun to watch Kevin move about in the tree as he worked — like one of the Cirque du Soleil performers!  We would not hesitate to recommend Kevin, and we would welcome people to come to our backyard to see his work.  –  Meg and Torgny Vigerstad, Halifax

The wood chipper service turned a job that would have taken me at least a week to do into an easy hour and a half.  Thanks so much for your help, and would definitely recommend you folks for anyone who has any ‘tree’ needs.  –  John Fougere

Kevin and Becky transformed by back yard MESS into an Odell Park look alike.  It doesn’t even look like I live downtown, so we’ve renamed the place Bunker Cottage!  All done is such an environmentally gentle fashion.  We even lifted the canopy to look natural….such a lovely gentle place to be!  Downtown Sackville at the cottage on the marsh…..

This tree and land sculpting has increased the value of my home considerably.

–  Florence Rose, Sackville

Kevin has been our arborist for about as long as he has been professionally doing this work in Sackville. He is exceptional. Whatever you need to know as you seek to learn more about your trees, he is able to explain with clarity and often with humour!

I remember one evening when he took me around Sackville in his truck to show me several good examples of trees like mine — trees that had received the proper pruning care over many years. He pointed out what was good about the way these trees had been cared for. It was a real education for me, and helped me to understand the approach he was recommending for our trees. My relationship with my ash tree — due to Kevin`s really ìntroducing me to my tree — has deepened and become quite thrilling over the past years.

We are always impressed with the people he has working with him. The expert training they receive from him is quite easy to see as you watch them work together. Becky Aurell was a terrific addition to his team and I am sure Brendan will be, too. Like a good parent, he teaches and practices so that everyone on his team who is working with trees is doing so with a minimum of risk.

Kevin`s relationship with trees as well as with his clients, is passionate, loving, respectful, practical and businesslike.

Great website, too! Congratulations, and thanks to Sue Rose’s superb artistic design, it`s super-easy to use.  –  Janet Hammock

Thank you for your visit and your welcome work on my territory! The butternut is looking much happier – smiling according to my friends. It was a pleasure to meet you at last.

You did a lovely job with our trees.

I love my baby tree, I hope she makes it through the winter.

The trees you groomed on my property look so much better! The difference is delightful, and I’m really pleased.

Thank you, and also your fellow worker for the excellent job of cutting the tree. Strange as it may seem, I don’t miss the tree at all. I’m really surprised!! You both did a very good job. Thanks!

Good job and much appreciated!

Thanks for all the “precision cutting”. It was great having you around those 3 days watching your operation in action.

Herewith my appreciation for junking up the big elm log. I originally had in mind more $ for this…Best Regards.

Thanks so much for taking care of my trees. I’m sure they will look as beautiful as ever once the leaves arrive.

Have not lost anymore trees (so far this year). Thanks for the good work.

Thanks you for everything. I was very, very, pleased.