Beck Aurell

Beck Aurell is self-admittedly obsessed with trees and plants. She is an accomplished arborist with a breadth of experience, including Treemasters in Stockholm, The Tree Company in Melbourne, All Green Tree Care in Halifax and Asplundh in Nova Scotia. More recently, she has been tending trees with Laird Tree Care on Prince Edward Island

She was the first woman to ever enter the Atlantic Regional Tree Climbing Competition (2016) and represented the Atlantic Provinces at the 2017 International Tree Climbing Competition in Washington, DC.

Even with her experience, Beck is constantly learning more about tree care. 

I still find it challenging and interesting all the time. I haven’t reached a peak where I know everything. There’s constantly more things to learn. “

Beck is interested in all forms of flora, and often creates detailed botanical drawings in her spare time. When she isn’t climbing trees, she can be found digging in her garden or foraging for wild edible plants to use in delicious experiments.

Beck helps us out with occasional larger jobs and we’re looking forward to when she can come back. The team appreciates her passion for problem-solving, learning, and detail-oriented care.