Woodshed Wonder 08: Gallery of A Killer

An elm bark beetle gallery in bark.

We often encounter this pattern, hidden inside the thick bark of deceased or dying elm trees, during our work. This beautiful, almost sun-like, shape is the calling card of the elm bark beetle – and if found lurking on the inside of elm it is a sure indication of Dutch Elm Disease.

Dutch Elm Disease is a fungus, called Ascomycota, and it has killed countless elm trees across North America and Europe. It travels from tree to tree, very quickly, on the backs of elm bark beetles. These bugs burrow and lay their eggs deep within the bark, and once they hatch they leave their galleries before they leave. They also leave the disease, which in turn kills the tree.

An elm in Minudie

This image is beautiful, and horrible, and we are glad to provide a preventative treatment (DutchTrig) to hopefully keep some of our Maritimes elms alive long enough for young ones to eventually take their place.

Read more about our efforts to combat Dutch Elm Disease below: