John Haney


(John’s life as an artist can be found at his own professional website)

John is like an oak — not just a single tree, but more like a forest. There is a depth and diversity to him that keeps one intrigued.

A native of southern Ontario, where his introduction to the majesty of trees was fostered by grandparents, endearingly referring to them as Nanny and Poppa, who were avid tree planters on their farm.

A BA from Mount Allison University initially brought him here, but after several years away pursuing his training (most recently an MFA from the University of Guelph), he returned and nestled into a massive bit of forest in Wood Point, NB — where his grandparents’ legacy continues through him.

John considers himself a forest steward; studying, working with, and admiring trees in all their marvel, considering them living sculpture.  Trees are arguably the finest example of symbiotic relationship between an organism and their niche, never a burden — only enriching the space around them.

Such is John, a man with a heightened awareness and loving sensibility for his relationships, his career as a visual artist, his generosity with his gifts, smile, and wit.

Friday mornings at Woodpecker Headquarters are highly anticipated as John rolls in with the most delectable, freshly-baked sourdough loaves this side of Wawa. What a way to start the day!