Kevin Stearns-Anderson

Kevin Stearns-Anderson has had a passion for trees ever since spending summers building forest trails with high school friends in Cape Breton. He started Woodpecker Tree Care in 2001, and made his childhood passion of playing with trees and ropes his career.

Kevin wears a helmet and smiles.

After taking a few forestry courses at UNB, he embarked on a path of studies and work in geology, and a career as an Environmental Health Inspector in Norrköping, Sweden. After many years of working in government, he came to realize that he was more interested in direct, hands-on environmental work, and hasn’t looked back since.

Kevin poses while climbing a tree.

His major pastimes in Sweden — pruning fruit trees and rock climbing — served him well upon his return to the Maritimes in 2001, where he has worked as a professional arborist, becoming ISA Certified in 2002. He also has many hidden talents, such as acting, Nordic skating, and sea kayaking. 

Kevin Anderson wears a Kask helmet with his name on it. He is in front of the Mount Allison chapel.

Helping customers create the outdoor spaces they dream of is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done. It’s hard work, but I get to do what I really enjoy doing, with the added pleasure of working closely with customers, other professionals and a variety of employees over the years.”

Kevin lives in Sackville in a yard full of very unusual trees. He has two adult children who he was delighted to teach about the outdoors growing up, and who have gone on to have natural science careers.