Norm Hunter


A true lover of life, Norm Hunter has probably forgotten more about gardening than most people will ever know. He is our resident expert at garden design, installation, and maintenance.

Norm’s work capitalizes on working with what is already present in the landscape, the establishment of low-maintenance gardens, and creating spaces for outdoor relaxation. He’s an unrepentant sheet-mulching enthusiast, having introduced this labour-saving technique to many a harried gardener.

Norm has worked on a diversity of green projects and workplaces, from organic food production, to Cornhill Nursery, to forest ginseng cultivation, and agricultural therapy at Open Sky Cooperative.

To experience the kind of space Norm creates, why not visit the Holly Spicer Healing Garden at the Amherst Hospital. It is located on the main hospital grounds between the Intensive Care and Palliative Care units.

In addition to his green pursuits, Norm is a passionate paddler and foot reflexology practitioner.