Rory Fraser

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia native Rory Fraser walked onto our job site for a bit of a visit in 2014 and hasn’t left. He’d been working as an elementary school librarian at ABA in Oman following a Master of Library Science degree at The University of Hong Kong and other adventures in Asia.

Rory has embraced the world of arboriculture, becoming a first-rate climber and earning his ISA Certified Tree Worker — Climber Specialist credential in 2016. He is an active volunteer in the ISA Atlantic Chapter Tree Climbing Competition, and the voice you’re most likely to encounter when you give us a call.

Rory lives in Sackville with his wife Kate, who appreciates his transformation from pudgy librarian to treetop athlete. Rory and Kate have two lovely children — Isla and Rowan — who think that climbing trees for a living is an ordinary thing for a dad to do.