Choosing and planting trees

It’s better to put a $10 tree in a $50 hole than a $50 tree in a $10 hole

Kevin Anderson

Choosing the right tree and planting it right is a long-term investment.

To quote the ISA Best Management Practices for Tree Planting: “It takes only a short time to plant a tree, but how it is done can have a lasting influence. Mistakes made when planting usually are impossible to correct later. Even if the species selected is well matched to the planting site, shortcutting the planting process can cause the tree to fail after a short time or to struggle for many years and never reach its full potential as a healthy, vigorous addition to your landscape. Attention to details taken at planting time will pay dividends for years.”

A close up of a planted sapling.

Our skilled arborist at Woodpecker Tree Care can help you do it right. We can help you find the species you like by visiting different mature trees in your neighbourhood. From the planning stage, to finding the right nursery stock, to choosing a location and planting properly – we care about your landscape and have the skills to help you get it right the first time.

Contact us to discuss planting times, methods, and species. We also recommend checking out this article, which contains useful information.