Preventing/repairing construction damage

Are you planning on building a garage, putting up an addition, or doing some major landscaping work? It’s a rare builder who sees trees as anything but an obstacle, and a many a landscaper knows more about retaining walls than trees – unnecessary damage is the norm. A little bit of forethought can prevent significant damage to your trees and be cheaper and more effective than trying to repair damage afterwards. We know how to work together with you and your contractor to keep the work flowing smoothly with minimum impact on your trees.

A person hoists a treehouse wall up a tree with a rope.
A treehouse project we helped out with in 2016.

After a construction project your trees can sometimes look pretty beat up. Some serious damage is actually invisible, like compacted soil from machinery working in the root zone. It’s often several years after a construction project that trees start failing.

Are you concerned about the well being of your trees after a construction project? Woodpecker Tree Care has the expertise to inspect the site together with you, and do everything possible to keep your trees safe and thriving for many years to come.