Tree pruning

Trees large and small need a trim from time-to-time. Our ISA-certified arborists are pruning experts and can provide a full range of pruning services. When it comes to tree pruning, the sooner you start the better!

Our experienced climbers can work through the entire canopy, working more efficiently and with much lower impact than is possible with a boom truck.

Common reasons to prune a tree are:

  • Provide clearance to structures, driveways, roofs, people, and/or power lines,
  • Structural improvement of a young or growing tree for long-term value,
  • Reduce the risk of tree failure by mitigating structural problems such as cracks or decay,
  • Reduce shade,
  • Improve flower or fruit production of a fruit tree,
  • Improve the view or aesthetic value of your tree and property.

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