Trail-making and small forest management

Norm crouches and looks at the base of a tree trunk.

We at Woodpecker Tree Care love to help transform a wooded lot into a forest paradise. We help landowners who are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities on their land, one step at a time.

We work with the pre-existing potential of your wooded area, and help shape it into something that benefits its well-being and your vision. Mark Pzekurat of Renaissance Tree Care calls this preservation-based approach “tree-scaping” rather than “landscaping.”

A common thread between forests we manage is that they are overgrown or full of trees of the same type and/or age, which does not make for a healthy bio-diverse forest. We are tree experts who can help shape a forest that will benefit you and the mini-ecosystem on your land. We love to cut paths for walking, and can point out valuable trees to keep that will enrich your forest.

We welcome large projects like trail making and small-lot tree management, and are open to all sorts of creative ideas. Sound exciting? Get in touch!