Meet John Haney

This is the second in a series of seven we’re calling “Meet the Team Monday”

A gallery technician (John Haney) standing on a ladder while he hangs an exhibition for MFA students at Brock University.
Hanging an exhibition at Rodman Hall Art Centre (Marcie Bronson)

Multi-talented John Haney is beloved here at Woodpecker Tree Care for his smile, wit, and generosity (we especially appreciate how generous he is with his beautifully baked bread).

John grew up in southern Ontario, where his introduction to the majesty of trees was fostered by grandparents, endearingly referred to as Nanny and Poppa, who were avid tree planters on their farm. He was introduced to Sackville by way of a Bachelor of Arts at Mount Allison, and returned to nestle into a massive bit of forest in Wood Point, NB — where his grandparents’ legacy continues through him.

A bearded John Haney crusted in ice and snow and listening to headphones.
“There is no bad weather, only bad podcasts”

John is an accomplished interdisciplinary artist, not limited to the art of sourdough, and his work has been shown across Canada, the United States, and Germany. His artistic sensibility translates into his work in tree care, where he considers himself a forest steward; studying, working with, and admiring trees in all their marvel, considering them living sculpture.

John lives in Wood Point with his two lovely sons, who are being raised with an appreciation of the fictional magic of books, and the true magic of life at the edge of the Bay of Fundy in the company of a loving Dad.

John Haney sitting at a picnic table reading Harry Potter to his two sons.
Father and Son (the other son)