Woodshed Wonder 06: Does Your Tree Have “Ears?”

A person points to two centres of codominant stems on a log.

Codominant stems are the most common cause of urban tree failure. Many trees will form codominant stems in their youth, which will eventually grow into problematic structure prone to splits and cracks. This maple is a classic example of how codominant stems form a poor union, and can teach us how to recognize codominant stems in your trees.

The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Arborist

On an uncharacteristically dry summer’s morning, a first-time Woodpecker Tree Care client sipped their coffee and read the paper with the anticipation of meeting our ISA-certified arborists in just moments. “What will they be like?” wondered the client, having only communicated by email up until this fateful day. “Will they be friendly? Brash? Swashbuckling chainsaw fanatics?” Only time would tell…

Footprints in sawdust.

Woodpecker Bee Care: Sackville Wild Bees Project

We love trees at Woodpecker Tree Care headquarters, and we also loves bees! Kevin has filled his front yard, formerly full of monoculture turf, with native plants over the years. It has become a tended meadow of flowers and grasses, which makes it heaven for our friendly pollinators. When Kevin heard of the Sackville Wild Bees project via project leader (and client) Emily Austen of Mount Allison, he signed up without a blink.

Hands hold a net with a bee in it