Meet Kevin Stearns-Anderson

Now that we’re well into summer, you might see the friendly faces of Woodpecker staff out and about (or up a tree) with their chainsaws and hard hats. We thought that you might as well be introduced to the people hanging out of the neighbourhood trees, so we’re starting “Meet the Team Mondays!” It only makes sense to start with Kevin Anderson, the owner and operator of Woodpecker Tree Care.

Vallie Stearns and Kevin Anderson relax after a good meal at Bistro le Chat Bleu in Baie Verte, New Brunswick.
Kevin and his wife Vallie enjoying some down time at Bistro le Chat Bleu
(photo Janet Hammock)

Kevin started the business in 2001, after a career working as an Environmental Health Inspector in Norrköping, Sweden. Eventually, he came to realize that he was more interested in direct, hands-on environmental work, and hasn’t looked back since. He also has many hidden talents, such as acting (can you picture this guy as Dracula? He played the part in 2015), Nordic skating, and sea kayaking.

Kevin Anderson (as Dracula) and Maddy Kreuth (as Lucy Westenra) in the 2015 production of Dracula in Sackville in 2015
Lucy Westenra (Maddy Kreuth) and Dracula

Kevin lives in Sackville with his wife Vallie and a yard full of very unusual (and beautiful!) trees. He has two adult children who he was delighted to teach about the outdoors growing up, and who have gone on to have natural science careers.

Kevin Anderson and Vallie Stearns stand beside their tandem kayak on the shores of the Maccan river in Nova Scotia. In the background are bay of Fundy tidal flats awaiting the tidal bore.
Kevin and Vallie at the Maccan river at Minudie, NS (photo, John Haney)