Woodpecker Tree Care offers gardening services with the help of the highly skilled Norm Hunter. 

We are happy to help facilitate the relationship between Norm and the client, and take care of the business side of things. We provide consultation throughout a gardening job, and make sure that everyone understands and is happy with every step of the process. Woodpecker Tree Care is happy to coordinate with clients and bring Norm to your yard. 

A wide shot of a garden, with Norm working in the backgorund.
Can you spot Norm?

Norm has been gardening his entire life, and has many amazing projects under his belt. He developed and maintains the beautiful garden at the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Amherst, but finds time to work on other biological undertakings that pique his interest.

Norm sits crossed-legged on the ground in front of a garden shed. He is rifling through a tool pouch.

If you have a dream garden you want to nurture into fruition, Norm is the guy for you. Norm designs gardens with the client’s dream in mind, and takes great pleasure in helping them realize what they want to do in their yard. He even does “wild design” exercises with clients to help them plan their dream garden. 

Norm doesn’t shy away from a long-haul job. He works slow and steady, and is respectful of the biocommunity already established to encourage healthy growth. He’s especially interested in promoting pollinators and edible plants in your yard to make a well-rounded ecosystem. 

A gardening shed with several stepping stones in mulch.

If you’re looking for someone to bulldoze and start from scratch, that’s not Norm’s style. The most technologically advanced tool in his workshop is a wheelbarrow. Due to his schedule, Norm only takes on a few clients at a time. Contact us to see when Norm is available to discuss your gardening dreams.