Meet Norm Hunter

For our fourth “Meet the Team Monday,” we’re featuring Woodpecker Tree Care’s resident gardener and story-teller Norm Hunter.

Norm Hunter has probably forgotten more about gardening than most people will ever know. Woodpecker Tree Care is proud to have him on the team as our resident expert at garden design, installation, and maintenance.

Norm Hunter smiles and holds a large bunch of kale.

Norm is a true lover of life, and can often be found paddling, playing hide-and-seek with his grandkids, or spending time outdoors with his wife Laura (Open Sky’s new executive director). He’s also an enthusiastic story-teller (did you know he’s been struck by lightning four times?), a foot reflexologist, and a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Norm Hunter sits in a kayak on still water.
Norm is an avid paddler.

Some of Norm’s green projects include Corn Hill Nursery & Cedar Café, forest ginseng cultivation, and agricultural therapy at Open Sky Co-operative. To experience the kind of space Norm creates, visit the Holly Spicer Healing Garden at the Amherst Hospital. A conservationist by nature, Norm focuses on creating a thriving ecosystem in a yard rather than bulldozing and starting from scratch. Current clients have described him as “artistic, with an architectural eye and sincere, quiet enthusiasm.”

Norm Hunter holds a smal lgoat outdoors. There is a barn in the background.
Norm helping out at Open Sky.

Norm has been gardening since he could walk with his parents in their yard at home. His family has a long history of digging in dirt, between hobby gardeners and professional farmers. Norm’s children grew up helping Dad in the yard, and one of them went on to own and operate a small vegetable farm in Quebec.