Real estate inspections

As every real-estate agent knows, mature trees on property means a higher asking price. There are home buyers in every community, however, whose trees have proved a disappointment. Recently, for example, Kevin encountered a home purchaser whose mature trees were all elms, a beautiful asset until they all died of Dutch elm disease over several short years. Others have removed a high-value tree for a road or garden only to discover they chose to keep trees that are extremely susceptible to disease or failure.

Know what you are buying!

Before you buy

A pre-purchase arboricultural inspection will give you important information to help you negotiate your purchase and help plan for your dream landscape. An arboricultural inspection will provide:

  • Complete inventory of all trees on the property,
  • Site plan detailing the location of every tree,
  • Species identification,
  • And a tree by tree visual inspection assessing:
    • size,
    • landscape value,
    • structural defects or other visible damage,
    • growth potential,
    • present or future conflicts with other vegetation, buildings, wires, driveways etc.
    • and susceptibility to common insects or disease in the area.

Learn about the trees you already have

Learn what you need to know with a Homeowner’s Arboricultural Inspection!

Many homeowners have lived on a property for many years without knowing much about their own trees. We encounter questions like these almost daily:

  • Could I tap that tree, is it a sugar maple?
  • Should I be worried about the crack in this tree?
  • Why is this birch dying back?
  • My yard is too dark – which trees should I remove and which should I keep?
  • We’re putting the house up for sale – how can I improve its curb appeal short-term, and what trees would be special to point out to a buyer?

Enhance the beauty and value of your property with an arboricultural inspection. Call us today to learn about the trees you’re about to buy, or the ones you already have!