Time To Rest

A wood chipper and a one-ton dump truck are covered in fresh snow.

Our 2022 season is officially over. Thank you to all of our dedicated clients who trusted Woodpecker Tree Care Ltd. with their trees this year.

One of the many perks of working at Woodpecker Tree Care Ltd. is our dedicated off-season, which allows time for rest and enrichment. Our small crew specializes in climbing work, which is not compatible with winter weather. Instead, we spend the winter months maintaining gear, wrapping up bookkeeping, and preparing to hit the ground running this spring. Kevin and Rory are monitoring emails and messages through the website, but we are not available for emergency or field work at this time. To keep communications more efficient, we are also not answering our phone messages at this time.

If you need our expertise this spring, get in touch and we will gladly add you to our work list. Contact us early and we will be happy to offer you last year’s prices.

To hear our spring plans and offers early, you can sign up for our low-volume newsletter at the bottom of any page on our website.