We Incorporated!

After months of hard desk work and organization, Woodpecker Tree Care has made the exciting transformation into Woodpecker Tree Care Ltd. We are officially an incorporated business, which is very exciting news at HQ. It has been a wonderful 20 years in the arboricultural business, and this next step is a big one for a small operation like ours.

Kevin Stearns-Anderson with Rory, Beck, and Dan

Our services and customers operations will remain the same, except for the extra three letters after “Woodpecker Tree Care,” but the business now exists as an entity separate from Kevin, which will make his eventual transfer of or retirement from the business much smoother. Kevin Anderson has no plans to retire any time soon and is just as enthusiastic about tree work as ever, but he is looking forward to becoming an employee again (for the first time since 2001). The final details are still being ironed out, but from now on all papers will be signed with those three extra letters.

Kevin Anderson enjoys whiskey beneath an apple tree on his lawn, which is flowering with daffodils.

Many thanks go out to MacIsaac Darragh Inc. and Hicks LeMoine Law for guiding us through this process, and to everyone who has given Woodpecker Tree Care Ltd. their business over the past twenty years.