The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Arborist

On an uncharacteristically dry summer’s morning, a first-time Woodpecker Tree Care client sipped their coffee and read the paper with the anticipation of meeting our ISA-certified arborists in just moments. “What will they be like?” wondered the client, having only communicated by email up until this fateful day. “Will they be friendly? Brash? Swashbuckling chainsaw fanatics?” Only time would tell…

Footprints in sawdust.

But as the hours ticked by, and the client carried on with their day, they saw no sign of the Woodpeckers. Had they, thought the client as they went about their household duties, forgotten? Run late? The day concluded, and they saw no trace of the promised blue polos. “No matter,” thought the client, “I will give them a call tomorrow.” They were unaware of the mysterious sequence of events that would unfold when they picked up the phone and called the Woodpecker Tree Care office.

The assistant manager, equally intrigued, was surprised to hear that no crew had arrived. In fact, she insisted that the trio arrived at headquarters with tales of their adventures in that tree, complete with details of the pruning work. And yet, the client could not see a twig or leaf on the ground, and heard not a bump nor a thump throughout the day.

Meg, suspended in a tree.

The client approached the tree, and to their amazement the pruning was completed! The cuts were nearly unnoticeable, but the work was certainly done. There was no trace of a swashbuckling tree crew, not even sawdust on the lawn! Had they been visited by invisible arboricultural spectres?

Between the client’s observations and the report from the field crew, we were able to solve the mystery. We knocked, too quietly, and assumed that the client had stepped out for an errand. Our STIHL chainsaws are electric, which are much quieter than the usual gas saws, and the chipper was running while the client was completing other noisy housework.

With the mystery solved, the silent phantom arborists were able to close this case with a satisfied client and happy crew. We’ll work on our hard knocks!

Creative liberties based on the following feedback:

“We can clearly see where the work was done and really appreciate the professional approach. Pardon the expression but it was not a hatchet job ([we] had a fear a chunk of the tree would just be lopped off). You can’t even tell you were there – you left absolutely no trace (trimmings, clippings, branches).”