The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Arborist

On an uncharacteristically dry summer’s morning, a first-time Woodpecker Tree Care client sipped their coffee and read the paper with the anticipation of meeting our ISA-certified arborists in just moments. “What will they be like?” wondered the client, having only communicated by email up until this fateful day. “Will they be friendly? Brash? Swashbuckling chainsaw fanatics?” Only time would tell…

Footprints in sawdust.

Woodpecker Bee Care: Sackville Wild Bees Project

We love trees at Woodpecker Tree Care headquarters, and we also loves bees! Kevin has filled his front yard, formerly full of monoculture turf, with native plants over the years. It has become a tended meadow of flowers and grasses, which makes it heaven for our friendly pollinators. When Kevin heard of the Sackville Wild Bees project via project leader (and client) Emily Austen of Mount Allison, he signed up without a blink.

Hands hold a net with a bee in it

A Side-by-Side Adventure in to the Smith Lakes

A cracked and rotting spruce jam-packed between several structures (and other trees) at a property outside of Amherst, NS needed to come down as soon as possible. With two experienced climbers (Beck and Rory) on deck, it could be done in the afternoon if all went smoothly. What turned this lakeside spruce into an all-day adventure was its location: situated by a remote cabin only reachable by 2.5km of back-road terrain or by boat.

Becky holds part of a spruce

Cabling and bracing a split black walnut

This black walnut in Sackville, NB needed some help to keep it from falling apart, so Woodpecker Tree Care was hired to give it the support it desperately needed. The problem is pretty obvious, it’s splitting down the middle, but you need more than superglue and some string to pull it back together. 

A person puts their foot on a split walnut tree.

Poplar removal in Centre Village, NB

Woodpecker Tree Care is dedicated to keeping trees alive and healthy, but sometimes the only thing left we can do for a tree is cut it down. Cutting a tree is always a last resort around here, but with this particular job it was the only option. This gigantic poplar is a hybrid that grows to great height at rapid speed. If it had been given another ten years, it could have doubled in height. Unfortunately, it was planted too close to a house and was dangerously leaning over top of it, so we were hired to respectfully and safely help this 60 foot beauty fall.