Adopt an Elm: Old Lower Sackville Methodist Cemetery Elm

The Maritime Elm Protection Initiative (MEPI) is looking for sponsors to help cover the cost of inoculating valuable elms against Dutch Elm Disease. We inoculate elms with DutchTrig in the springtime, and hope to add this valuable tree to our list.

A Google Maps screenshot of an elm tree.

This elm in need is a fixture on Sackville’s Main Street, just minutes away from Woodpecker Tree Care’s HQ. It towers over the historic Old Lower Sackville Methodist Cemetery, located across the road from Cranewood. This tree’s beauty is enjoyable from the sidewalk and the cemetery. It is already quite tall and casts a generous amount of shade on the long-standing headstones.

The Old Lower Sackville Methodist Cemetery was established in 1836, and has over 100 graves on site. The founder of Mount Allison University, Charles Frederick Allison, is buried in this cemetery.

It’s important that this tree is protected against Dutch Elm Disease for the sake of town beautification, and also because it will be more complicated to remove due to its location.

To the best of our knowledge, this tree has never been treated with DutchTrig, meaning it has no protection against Dutch Elm Disease. If you want to help us preserve this valuable elm, kindly consider making a donation or sponsoring an elm to help cover the costs of this project. Get in touch by phone, email, or any of our social media pages.

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