Supporting Maritime organizations that promote the outdoors, general health, and community, is an important part of our network. Woodpecker Tree Care sponsors a number of local projects across the Atlantic, with a particular focus on these three organizations that do great work:

  • Drew Nursing Home: This Sackville nursing home has beautiful elm trees on the property for residents to enjoy. To make sure these trees survive the ongoing circulation of Dutch elm’s disease, Woodpecker Tree Care inoculates them at cost every summer.
  • Minudie Heritage Association: Woodpecker has done a number of projects in the River Hebert, NS, including protecting elm trees from Dutch elm’s disease on historic property. Each year, thanks to donations from individuals and groups, Woodpecker volunteers their skills to vaccinate the beautiful elms on the land formerly owned by the Grindstone King Amos Seaman.
  • Women’s Tree Climbing workshop: Women are underrepresented in trades in general, and tree care is no exception. In an effort to encourage women who are interested in becoming arborists, Woodpecker sponsors a scholarship so women can learn to climb trees without cost.

Woodpecker Tree Care also sponsors other organizations in the Maritimes, or has in the past. These organizations are currently or previously sponsored by Woodpecker Tree Care:

  • Community gardens (Amherst, Sackville, & Springhill): The Maritimes is lucky to have several community gardens, and Woodpecker is happy to support their growth. Since Woodpecker Tree Care does plenty of work in all three of these communities, it only makes sense to support the local food security co-op project.
  • Mattinson Cemetery Society: Woodpecker did some self-sponsored work for a small historic cemetery in Oxford, NS. Overgrown and neglected trees had taken over the plot, so Woodpecker helped restore the plot in tandem with the W.B. Wells Heritage Foundation.
  • Open Sky Co-Op: In the past, Woodpecker has donated time to work on Open Sky projects. The two organizations share a talented team member, Norm Hunter, and have collaborated on outdoor undertakings.
  • Performers’ Theatre Company: The founder and owner of Woodpecker Tree Care has acted in many plays with the Performers’ Theatre Company, and supports their artistic work in the community.
  • Scouts Canada: Spending time outdoors at a young age is important for childhood development. It helps kids develop a respect for the environment and for nature, a value that Woodpecker shares. Woodpecker Tree Care supports Scouts Canada so they can continue their outdoor programming.